Six Degrees of Describulation (and other news)

January 11, 2007

Any of you ambling (ha–funny) over from Myspace will probably know what I’m talking about. I was doing 6 degrees of separation. You know…click on a friend and click on one of their friends and so on and see who you end up with.

It’s scary. Sometimes in a good way sometimes not. It’s heartening to know that people really do have as motley a crew as I do, though (or at least have friends who do).

[ Sorry, I really needed brackets right here. I forgot to post the warning. You know, the one where I say I’m exhausted and coming off of a horrible flu that involved SYMPTOMS if you know what I mean and therefore will probably ramble and not make much sense. If you’re a first time reader, this warning may give you the hopeful sensation that the next entry you read might actually be worth the click it took you to get here. Hope’s so misleading, isn’t it? So, carry on, warned-ones.] I so love brackets.

OY! I actually have to scroll up to find where I was. Oh yeah! So I was on a friend of my friend Joe’s site. This guy had used his blog space as kind of a platform for showing some photos he’s taken which were all wonderful. The odd thing was that in the midst of all of the arresting photos, there were some of Cape Cod. Now, I live on Cape Cod so I was familiar with these locales. There was something about the way he shot the images though, that really made me homesick. For the Cape. It’s a difficult sensation to describe (I accidentally wrote “describle.” I should have left it!) but it was kind of cool, kind of miserable.

Through these photos, I saw the Cape the way I saw it when I first came up here at age 19. It was so soothing. Now, it’s…cluttered.

And while it really has become sort of cluttered in the 3 years since I was 19 (!) it’s not thatbad. Those photos were recently taken, actually. I guess I just miss something being new. A place being full of possiblility.

The Cape has gotten pretty stale to me. It’s been good to me for sure, it just keeps on givin’, really, but feeling like you’ve nothing new to explore in a place makes you feel old.

So, humph, now I want to move. All because of a picture of some guy I’ve never met.


It appears that I have the only dog that dreams about drinking water. It’s really funky to watch…he does it a lot. This is the same dog that gets hiccups every other hour so I guess it makes a certain amount of sense.